• Consistent and intensive treatment with the appropriate number of therapy hours per week, according to the recommendations of the Behavior Analyst after an initial assessment

    • Full-day program offers 30-40 hours per week of therapy

    • Part-time program offers 12-20 hours per week of therapy

  • A combination of individually tailored 1:1 therapy sessions & structured group activities to develop social skills

  • A team of therapists to work with each client, which helps to generalize

       acquired skills

  • Senior clinical staff, including Board Certified

       Behavior Analysts and Clinical Managers,

       are always on-site to ensure appropriate

       supervision of therapists and to assist as


  • Specialized facilities to facilitate in social

       interaction with peers (e.g., sensory gym,

       lunch room)

  • Individualized plans to support ongoing

       parent training and observation of therapy




COMPASS SPECIALIZES IN A "CLINIC-BASED" treatment model to provide ABA therapy to our clients. Based on our experience previously providing services in client homes and in school environments, we believe that a focused clinic-based treatment plan has produced the best results for our clients. The advantages of a clinic-based ABA therapy model include: