Sue's Philosophy


The philosophy of this practice concentrates upon utilizing

a transactional approach that individually determines

“the best practice” for each client based upon his or her

personal needs.


The family and caregivers are considered integral in the

development and the child’s probability of progressive success.

As such, all aspects of intervention are designed to incorporate the

family dynamics as the most consistent and reinforcing aspect of the client’s life. Sue believes strongly in the Collaborative Problem Solving approach (Ross Greene, M.D.) based on the logical intervention belief that if the child could they would.


Combined with the SCERTS model (Barry Prizant & colleagues) she utilizes a framework for the ‘fit’ of the treatment approach with the ‘culture and lifestyle’ of an individual family. Sue works closely with parents, teachers, other service providers, and caregivers’ to assist the client’s development during incidental opportunities and structured functional activities.


Sue’s approach involves completing an initial intake of each client’s preferences and strengths for developing the most beneficial, cohesive, and reinforcing assessment for guiding her individualized treatment plan. All intervention incorporates using a total communication approach, the principles of applied behavioral analysis, techniques of sensory integration, collaborative problem solving, verbal behavior approach and activities of floor time and play therapy.

Compass Behavior and Compass Academy are proud to announce the addition of our own Speech Language Pathologist and Director of Communication Therapy, Sue Drouin, MS, CCC-SLP!

Sue Drouin is also trained through the Sequential Oral Sensory (S.O.S) approach for Feeding Therapy.

Sue Drouin, MS, CCC-SLP
Director of Communication Therapy

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

At Compass, we draw on a wealth of knowledge and

experience of various assistive technologies. Use of

high, mid and low technology tools are developed

through all aspects of the student’s intervention and

training for all members of the Team is considered



We work with each client to provide him or her

a ‘voice’ and alternative strategies for those children

who require interventions that are more intensive to

effectively communicate. Our SLP has knowledge of

and experience programming augmentative

communication devices for all level users.

Our SLP is able to take the process from performing an Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology evaluation, consulting with home and the school Team, identifying possible device trials, directing device trials, and completing the necessary paper work for purchase of the most appropriate device. Once the device is in hand, we can design and create an individualized configuration of custom pages based upon the student’s current performance level in the assessment and educational record.


Vocabulary and messages generated are based upon interviews and completion of checklists and forms with family and school staff. We input all pages and provide custom templates for additional vocabulary and pages to be easily updated by caregivers or staff.

AAC Evaluations


Our AAC Evaluations consist of two Phases:



Complete a comprehensive AAC evaluation, select the best suited device/system for Trial, develop Trial questions, conduct device Trial(s), summarize Trial data results and impressions, match AAC system features to learner’s strengths, needs and abilities.



Select the best matched device/system, submit for insurance approval, conduct environmental inventory to determine vocabulary selection, fully-customize vocabulary/device/system for the learner, provide initial and ongoing parent training in Aided Language Input and AAC strategies to facilitate communication skills.


Phone: 603-488-5008

Fax: 866-400-0976





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