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A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying   

- B.F. Skinner


Compass was founded by Dan and Ally Dube as a result

of their own personal experiences as single parents

struggling to raise children with developmental

disabilities. During this process, Dan and Ally

each faced many struggles to be able to find

appropriate services that didn’t have a long

waitlist or require a long drive. 

Ally made it her mission to become an expert

in the behavior field, putting herself through a

Masters program and becoming a Board Certified

Behavior Analyst. She has been working in the field

of Applied Behavior Analysis for over a decade and has

worked with hundreds of children over the years, earning the respect and admiration of parents and industry peers. 


Dan brings his business management and marketing experience to the team after a 30-year career in the publishing industry, where he co-founded and managed two other successful startup businesses. Dan was also recently appointed by Governor Sununu to the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities, representing parents who have children with developmental disabilities.

Dan and Ally married in 2014 and launched Compass three months later (it was a busy year for them). At that time, there were a very small number of providers who had long waitlists. They noticed that huge segments of the NH population had no options for receiving ABA therapy for their children - for example, no providers accepted Medicaid at that time. (Because of this, Medicaid was the very first insurance that Compass applied for to become an approved provider.) 

Through their motivationempathy, and dedication to families who have children with disabilities, Compass has grown to become one of the largest ABA providers in New Hampshire, with 3 clinic locations and over 70 employees (and growing).


Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies


Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies

Compass Staff at Thanksgiving 2017
Chief Clinical Officer, Ally Dube
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Ally Dube-201215-165709-BM8A0026.JPG