Whether your child attends our clinic or another program, Compass Transport is now offering special needs transportation services. At Compass, we know how difficult it can be to find trustworthy transport services.

We provide:


  • Special needs transportations for school districts, for students placed in our Compass Academy program or other Out-Of-District school placements

  • Transportation for Compass clients who need rides to and from our clinics, with grants for free transport available to families with demonstrable need

Our fleet of Ford Transit vans are
fully equipped for any

situation. Each van has a

FirstAid kit on board, fire extinguisher,

and your emergency contact

information. At all times, our drivers

have a reliable GPS system, as well as

a communication system connected to

our headquarters dispatch team.  

At Compass, we know having fun is important too! Our vans have music as well as devices for your child to play with and keep busy on their way to school. 

Each van is staffed with a Registered Behavior Technician to manage the safety of our passengers. Our drivers are certified by the NH Department of Transportation as school bus drivers. 

Our fleet of vans are always up to date and maintained properly according to NH DOT standards. 

If you have any further questions or are interested in COMPASS for special needs transportation, call today and speak with our Transportation Supervisor, KJ Whitley. We are eager to work with you and your kiddo to get them to and from school or clinic!

Our Fleet

KJ editted.JPG

KJ Whitley, Transport Supervisor