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Compass is pleased to introduce our new "collaborative classroom" for school districts: Compass Classroom.


This collaborative classroom solution is designed from the ground up to provide the benefits of a fully qualified clinical team to support the needs of students with unique challenges, such as Autism or emotional/behavioral issues, without the expense of placing those students out of district. It also provides the added benefit of keeping your instructional staff invested in the academic success of your students, while allowing the student to continue to interact with typically developing peers in a less restrictive environment. 

Up until now, the best available option for NH-based students with severe developmental disabilities and/or behavioral issues has been Out-of-District (OOD) placement, often to out-of-state specialized schools.

For some of these students, a new alternative has emerged: the “collaborative classroom,” where the student returns to the home school district in a specialized classroom staffed by a cross-functional team of academic and behavioral experts. This collaborative approach addresses all of the main concerns of the OOD placement option, and we believe that programs such as Compass Classroom™ will drive the future of special needs education in New Hampshire. 

What is a Collaborative Classroom?

We define a collaborative classroom as a cross-functional team, staffed by experts in their respective fields: 

  • Academics (certified special education teacher)

  • Behavior analysis (Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and 1:1 paraprofessional support from Registered Behavior Technicians)


In this model, each member of the team brings a level of expertise and experience to the team, working together to enable each student to reach his or her full potential, as defined by the goals in each of their IEPs.

To read our white paper about the cons of sending students out of district,

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The Benefits of a

Collaborative Classroom

The benefits of a collaborative classroom

directly correlate to the identified issues with

OOD placement:

  • Benefits to student
    The student is placed in a home school district classroom and no longer has to endure a long bus ride to a faraway school. He/she now has the opportunity to build social relationships with local friends, and he/she is also able to interact with typically developing peers in a least restrictive environment.


  • Benefits to family
    With the child placed in a local district school, it is typically easier for parents to be more engaged and involved in the educational process. This approach removes barriers and allows parents to more fully participate in IEP meetings and other opportunities for collaboration.


  • Benefits to school district
    The primary benefit to the school district is a greatly reduced cost for the student’s education. For the cost of sending just one student OOD, a school district may be able to place several students into a collaborative classroom. In addition to the cost savings, the student will also truly be in a least restrictive environment, with opportunities to socially engage with typically developing peers.

Compass Classroom Includes:

Compass Classroom is designed to support room with 5-8 students. The basic

5-student package includes the following:

  • 1 full-time BCBA on-site

  • 6 full-time Registered Behavior Technicians (1:1 ratio for each student, plus a floater)

  • Parent trainer to provide individualized training to parents on a bi-weekly basis

  • Proven ACE curriculum to support both academic and therapeutic student goals

  • Full school year plus ESY support (220 day full school year also available)

We expect the school to provide a certified Special Education teacher to act as part of the Compass Classroom team, with the responsibility for tracking and maintaining progress against IEP academic goals. Together, we build a true collaborative team of experts working together to help each student achieve their full potential.

Talk to your school about Within-District placement

versus Out-of-District placement.

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