Compass Behavior is hiring full-time ABA Therapists to work with clients in all three of clinics. We provide our employees with excellent compensation, training and benefits.


As an ABA Behavior Therapist, your role is to help individuals with a diagnosis of autism and/or other developmental delays to acquire  the skills to live and function independently. ABA Therapists, with training and support from our clinical staff, work in conjunction with families so that you may see the immediate reflection of your efforts. We provide the means, necessary training, and support to help you succeed in a career as an ABA Behavior Therapist including: Safety Care, Verbal Behavior, and RBT supervision for your National Certification. Upon completion of training, you are equipped with the tools to help change lives, including your own.


This position requires the candidate to work independently in a 1:1 clinic-based setting to implement student-specific lessons and behavior plans, utilizing ABA principles. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is always on-site in the clinic to provide supervision, clinical assistance, and ongoing training.   


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Full-Time Positions

40 hours per week

M-F 8:15 am–4:15 pm

Staff using AAC speech device ABA therapy